The Ethics of Representation: Who Has the Right to Tell the Story? POSTPONED

CILECT North America
2023 Conference: POSTPONED

Hosted by the Boston University Film and Television Department

The Ethics of Representation: Who Has the Right to Tell the Story?

This conference has been postponed until further notice.

The past decade has seen an explosion of new voices in the film and television industry. With this new generation of storytellers comes increased social consciousness and an awareness that representation doesn’t just mean featuring people of color on screen; representation means recognizing that diverse stories are owned by the communities they portray. For the first time, writers, directors, producers, casting agents, studio executives, and more are asking, “Whose story is this, and who has the right to tell it?” 

The answers are not always clear-cut. Can white writers tell Black, African and African-American stories? Is it appropriate for actors or actresses to wear prosthetics that make them appear heavier? Physically disabled? Blind? How far outside his or her own ethnic group can a screenwriter reach? Can other Black actors portray African characters? Can a cisgender screenwriter author a story featuring a transgender protagonist? Can a transgender writer author a story featuring a cisgender protagonist? As academics and practitioners, we must responsibly guide our students and ourselves toward ethical practices.

CNA’s June 2023 conference, hosted by Boston University, will explore these issues in depth. Through a series of panels, paper presentations, and working groups, we aim to engender constructive conversation and develop a framework for addressing our students’ most pressing concerns around the ethics and politics of representation. 

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Thursday, June 8, and Friday, 9, 2023
Postponed until further notice.
Academics, instructors, students and practitioners in the fields of film, television and creative expression.