Data + Narrative Workshop

The Power of Data-Driven Storytelling.

Data storytelling training teaches you to engage and influence your audience through powerful data-driven stories.

In today’s data-driven environment, you need the ability to accurately interpret and showcase vast amounts of data to efficiently unearth key insights and inform decision-makers.

The original data storytelling workshop teaches you how to find, clean, visualize and present data in a compelling narrative to influence clients, colleagues and stakeholders. You’ll receive personal attention from best-in-class instructors in your choice of three levels of training appropriate to your experience in our on-campus and online programs. Review the schedule and read what our students say about the workshop. Your Digital Badge will be proof of your mastery of data-driven storytelling.

Participant Takeaways

  • Understand the core concepts of creating a story rather than simply presenting data and information.
  • Enhance research skills with techniques for uncovering new data sources and filtering for the most reliable content.
  • Learn how to use data to enhance a story, not bury it in numbers.
  • Learn word choice, sentence composition, techniques for organizing content and create narrative structures.

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Download our recently-released copy of Seven Core Skills of Data Storytelling and learn how to improve your storytelling skills today. Written by Data+Narrative instructor and Pulitzer-Prize winning writer, Rochelle Sharpe, “Seven Core Skills” was recently featured in Training Industry Magazine and became one of their most popular e-books.

Excerpts from “Seven Skills”

When analyzing data, keep in mind the end goal: a data-driven story. Whether writing an article or a preparing a PowerPoint presentation, look at the data first to figure out the key points you want to make. Search for patterns. Combine and compare data sets. It’s easy to make lots of pivot tables in Excel and spot outliers. Only after trends are identified should you start doing deep dives into the data and look for intriguing nuances.

“Less Really Is More: When it’s time to finally prepare the story, change your behavior. Reverse course completely. Until now,  have been in “spendthrift mode”, going on sweeping sprees to find and collect reams of data and then analyzing what you have found in as many ways possible. Now, it’s time to act like a miser… Your first impulse will be to show everyone all the work you’ve done. But this is the time for self-restraint. After making sure your data is accurate, your top goal: don’t lose the audience. Convey your ideas simply and in engaging ways. To do that, you’ll need to figure out what matters most. Remember Mark Twain’s famous quip: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”


Workshop Info

June 2021: Dates: TBA
Professionals who rely on data to tell a persuasive story. Corporate and non-profit leaders, researchers, educators scientists and lawyers have attended and learned new skills in the Data+Narrative Storytelling Workshops.
Tuition + Fees
Rates will be set in early 2021.
Guideline for rates:
Professionals: $1500-$1800
Non-Profit/Higher Ed: $1200-$1400
BU Alumni/Affiliates: $900-$1100
Full-Time College Students: $500
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Why Data + Narrative?

Data alone can be difficult to consume. But with skills that include impactful information, data visualization, and storytelling, you create a compelling and memorable narrative.

Optimize the power of your data.

Persuade your audience, inform and educate employees, clients, customers and shareholders, disrupt the competition, harness new funding sources or win a pivotal argument.

Data fluency is a must-have skill set.

In today’s digital workplace, success starts with knowing how to find the meaning in every dataset – regardless of its size or format.

Become a master data storyteller.

In our intensive three-day workshop, we will equip you with a practical, ready-to-go toolbox of knowledge, techniques and strategies no matter your beginning experience or skill level.

Storytelling skills are prerequisites to success.

To understand and interpret today’s endless amount of digitized data, you need sophisticated, up-to-date skills. Learn Excel, SQL, Tableau and R to reveal the truth in your data and formulate your story.

Who attends our workshops?

City Planners, Marketing Directors, Engineers, Public Health Practitioners, Library Scientists, Accountants, Consultants, Public Relations Professionals, and Educators — just to name a few.


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