Data + Narrative

What can you do with a data story?

  • Collect, analyze and present data to spur your audience to act
  • Showcase key data interactively to outline your goals
  • Incorporate persuasive data findings in presentations to convince stakeholders
  • Stimulate audience engagement by including compelling data in external communications and social media
  • Build stakeholder buy-in and brand advocacy with data-rich communications
  • Identify the most persuasive statistics to secure a legal victory
  • Extract and standardize data and create outstanding data visualizations to convey a trend or fact-based conclusion

Select Your Level of Learning

Customized Educational Tracks for Three Levels of Learners

The Data+Narrative Workshop are geared for persons with little to no experience in data management to persons with more advanced skills. You will select the track most suited to your current skills.

Earn Proof of Your Achievement with a Digital Badge

A digital badge is an electronic token embedded with your name and achievements for signature lines, CVs, and social media. These online credentials are in high demand by today’s employers because they succinctly display your accomplishments, skills and levels of experience.

Earn your digital badge in:

Data+Narrative: For the individual who is new to working with data and needs help integrating data into their narratives.

Advanced Data+Narrative: For the learner comfortable with data and programming who wants to advance their data storytelling skills with tools like the basics of the statistical language “R,” Structured Query Language, more sophisticated visualizations and social network analysis.

Data+Narrative with R: For the individual experienced with programming and complex data sets who wants to transform their technical aptitude into storytelling prowess.

New Tech and Tools

Showcase panels featuring dynamic online lessons introducing you to today’s cutting-edge data storytelling technology and techniques.

Ramp Up with Interactive Lesson Plans

Informative and engaging web-based, pre-workshop learning sessions you do at your convenience to earn points towards your badge.

New for 2019

Satellite Session: Writing with Data

In this era of high-tech distractions, when humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish, how can you cut through the cacophony and get your message heard? The age-old craft of storytelling can be a potent tool.

Come to this satellite workshop to discover the power of narrative writing and learn how to make your prose clearer, more evocative, and surprisingly persuasive. This half-day course will be taught by Rochelle Sharpe, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, writing coach, and former staff writer for The Wall Street Journal. She will customize this workshop to meet participants’ needs. 

Participants will learn how to develop a storytelling mindset and the nuts and bolts of narrative techniques. They’ll discuss word choice, sentence composition, easy ways to organize material, and how to create narrative structures. They also will consider best practices for incorporating  data into prose and ways to make even the most complicated material simple and understandable. Along the way, Rochelle will demystify the writing process, showing how to make it less painful — and maybe even fun. 

Students will look at all kinds of writing examples, ranging from passages from the Iliad to speeches by Donald Trump. They also participate in multiple short drills to practice what they are learning. 

Feel free to bring in an article that you may want to discuss.   

Price: $500.  

Schedule:  TBA, please contact Mark Krumm for the latest schedule.


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