Data + Narrative Workshop


I will look like a rock star now that I know how to find data, validate the data, and quickly put the data in a spreadsheet format.
This was an amazing week.
This will aid in benchmarking exercises, competitive bid comparisons, portfolio planning and contract negotiations.
With the amount of easily produced disinformation out there, it is important to bring back a more rational and analytical approach.
I have worked with data for most of my career and developed techniques for dealing with various situations. But what I’ve learned is that there are more efficient ways of dealing with a lot of data issues.
This has opened a new way of thinking to help me look at things differently.
I have expanded my thinking to create a narrative and will look for ways to better connect with my audience.
The instructors were some of the smartest in their field and they shared their expertise with such passion.
I am already finding that the skills from this week of training will be extremely valuable with continuing down my career path.
Using storytelling will help me be more impactful.
Before the session, I only used Google to search for information.
We struggle too much with reliance on internal metrics that are often biased. When looking externally, we assumed that we needed to pay for a data subscription ... Using methods from this training would help us find third party data sets, scrub them for clarity and present them in a visual manner.
The discussions ... were really helpful in rethinking the way I approach data.
I was amazed at how easy it is to pull data out of documents.
I look forward to using the techniques in finding data to determine new ways to include information in my reports ... This will help me become a trusted advisor within my business organization.
I can use every tip, trick, and concept learned in this class.