Bearded man wearing glasses speaks from the dais during the 2017 Power of Narrative conference.

The Power of Narrative Conference

Repairing… Restoring… Reconnecting… Through True Storytelling

We live in a world inundated with tweets, hot takes, and breaking news alerts that dominate our thoughts for a moment and our news cycles for a day or two. Such a scattershot media environment only increases the power of narrative. Narrative penetrates the heart of the subject and the hearts of the audience. Bits of news or information rarely change our perspective about the world or our place in it. Narrative nonfiction rarely fails to do so.

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March 17-18, 2023
Writers, editors, lovers of narrative non-fiction
Power of Narrative combines practical advice and big-picture visions for nonfiction storytellers.

Past Speakers

Check back later for 2023 conference updates, including new speakers.

  • Cynthia Anderson
  • Ellen Barry
  • Martha Bebinger
  • Erin Lee Carr
  • Debbie Cenziper
  • Sopan Deb
  • Jo Healey
  • Lizzie Johnson
  • Beth Macey
  • Tina Martin
Margot Lee Shetterley

Margot Lee Shetterley