Summer Journalism Academy

A specialty track for emerging photographers.

Perfect for students active in photography, photojournalism or visual arts.


Boston University’s Summer Journalism Academy introduces a specialty track for high school students focused on photojournalism. It’s a unique opportunity for students working to strengthen their photography skillset. Whether they work for the school newspaper or yearbook, or want to learn how to create powerful images from a professional photojournalist.

On-campus students will be provided free access to all camera equipment and software necessary for the course, and do not need to own or have their own gear. Students will need to purchase an SD storage card to store and share their work.

On-campus only: Open to rising juniors, rising seniors and current seniors, and open to all experience levels. 

With the world of news now viewed on everything from televisions to phones, visual reporting is becoming more important than ever. Most journalism outlets require their reporters to take pictures. A single image or short video clip can add greater detail and emotional punch to every written story.

Photojournalism track students will learn the basic use of a camera’s three creative controls. Students will learn how to:

  • Set the camera’s ISO so they can use the camera in broad daylight, or dark of night.
  • Use shutter speeds to stop action dead, or create the illusion of motion by using slower shutter speeds to create unusual and dynamic photos that catch a reader’s attention.
  • Explore F-stops, which make the background blurry, or conversely, make everything appear sharp. 

As the session progresses, students will apply these skill sets to a variety of assignments, around campus and Boston.

Photojournalism track students experience a similar schedule as other students participating in the Summer Journalism Academy — attending class,  receiving assignments, and reporting stories as part of on-campus teams with journalism reporting students . 

The photojournalism track is taught by Stephen Haines, a veteran photojournalist and a lecturer at Boston University. He spent most of his career at The Boston Globe where he worked as a staff photographer, assignment and photo editor. He has taught at Boston University for 14 years where he concentrates on the creative controls of photography, teaching students to take powerful, storytelling photos from which readers can learn.

The photojournalism track is limited to 12 students per session. 


Recent Student Work:

Applications are now closed for 2024.